Trade Desk

BitFive Capital trades its own book in both traditional and alternative assets.

Project Funding

BitFive Capital funds ecological and environmental projects, as well as research and development.

Private Equity

BitFive Capital is actively engaged in finding highly disruptive FinTech companies and getting them funded.

Trade desk

We trade our own book in deep liquidity equity and alternative assets through regulated counterpaties.


Regulated, highly visible counterparties


Bank Grade Privacy


Over two decades of trading experience

Best execution

We strive for the best execution possible

Deep Liquidity

Only highly liquid assets are traded


Round the clock trading operations

Project funding

BitFive Capital provides funds for large scale projects which are primarily ecological and environmental. We also are very supportive of research and development in these areas. Our funding horizon is long term and our scope is global. 


We’re always on the hunt for highly disruptive FinTech companies where timing, team, and traction are all perfect. Our in-depth investor knowledge, professional networks, and access to capital, enhances value. By assisting management in negotiations with investors & investment banks, we can optimize results. Through our deep investor network, we can create new business & financing opportunities. 

If you believe that you have gained the right traction, with the right team, are at the right time, and have a realized revenue model, we want to hear from you.


BitFive Capital Inc. is a Federal Canadian company, located in Toronto. We run a deep liquidity prop trade desk focused on traditional and alternative assets. In addition we are engaged in global project funding in the verticals of ecology, environment, research and development. We also fund or arrange funding for qualified highly disruptive FinTech companies.

contact us

BitFive Capital is headquartered in the heart of Toronto, ON, Canada. We are happy to meet in Toronto, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles to discuss business.